Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's finally here....

So weird to think that a year has already gone by since my last Christmas. things change in a year.  I was with my ex at this time last happy I'm not with him anymore.  And then I think about to Christmases before that...and how much things change.  Three Christmases ago, I was parting and drinking Sam Adams Winters with Trav.  Strange how we only think how fast time moves after the fact.

Today I will be opening presents, eating lots of food, and spending time with my family.....all 50 of us lol.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas...

Merry Christmas Eve!  I'm sure many of you are gearing up for tomorrow.  Some spend the day finishing their shopping for those last few presents, baking up a storm in the kitchen, or traveling home to see family.

Sadly, I'll be sleeping most of today because I had to work last night and tonight.  It's not so bad though because my family party is on Christmas Day.  I'll sleep today, come to work tonight, go home in the morning to unwrap presents, take a nap, and then go to the family party for food and fun.  I then have 3 days off....omg it's a miracle...3 DAYS OFF!!

So enjoy the hustle and bustle of today....  My opinion: don't rush...the anticipation is just as much fun.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What is wrong with adults??!!?!?!

I'm sorry, I'm about to do a little venting rant...  You've been warned.  If you do not want to deal with my feelings, don't continue to read lol.  

So, to set up for my little rant, you must know the back story to this.  I coach cheerleading...I've been a coach for the same high school varsity team for 5 years now.  We compete and have been state champions the past two years in a row.  At tryouts for our upcoming winter season last month, a boy showed up to try out.  He    was in 10th grade and had played football for the high school just weeks earlier.  I found out later that day that he had quit football because he didn't like it and didn't get along with the coaches. I pulled him aside and spoke to him about why he quit and why he wanted to do cheerleading.  He stressed to me that he just didn't want to play football so he never took it seriously and that when he was little he took dance and gymnastics.  He loved to perform and wanted to give cheering a try.  Over the next 3 days of try outs, I was shocked.  He was doing better than most of the girls who were trying out.  In the end, he made the team.  Since then, he has worked just as hard as the girls and has really improved.  He does not know it yet, but he will make the competition team and will be part of our "co ed" 2012 competition team.

Now, with all the said, I can explain the purpose of this post.  Yesterday I bumped into the high schools boys basketball coach, who was also one of the football coaches.  He pulled me aside and told me that the boy couldn't cheer because he was on a social suspension list at the high school.  I was a bit confused, but told him I would look into it.  He then started to get very stern with me and told me that the boy needed to be off the team.  I again assured him that I would speak to the athletic director and take care of it, and even thanked him for making me aware of the list that I knew nothing about. Personally, as a coach I would never interfere with another coach's team.  It is none of my business and who am I to tell another coach how to run their team.  I was a bit taken off guard by the other coach's comments, but took it as a grain of salt.  

I went back to the gym where my team was practicing and pulled a senior captain aside to ask her about this list and what that basketball coach had told me.  She said she wasn't sure about this list, but the coach (who is also a teacher) had said something to her a few weeks back about the boy.  Apparently, the coach said that if the boy cheers any away basketball games (the team cheers away basketball games and we take the same bus as the players, but sit together at the front of the bus...we do this for all sports), he wants her to make sure the boys is as far away from him as possible while riding the bus.  My mouth fell to the floor.  What an asshole!

I immediately called the athletic director to tell him about this.  He was rather upset and said he would speak to the coach about it.  I have no idea what will happen, but it better be some kind of disciplinary action against the coach.  This is absolute bullshit.  He's an adult and yet he is talking to high school students like he is one.  "Keep him as far away from me as possible."  What does he think would happen???  Does he think the boy is gay and his gayness would rub off on him or something!?  He's not gay and anyone who thinks gayness "rubs off" of you, should be sent to a secluded island with the rest of the ignorant people in this world.  

People wonder why kids are so rude and hateful these days....its because of people like him.  Someone who is a teacher and a coach.  Someone who is supposed to be a role model, yet says such mean things for no reason.  Someone please explain to me what is wrong with people????  

I don't care if I had the biggest shitheads in the world on my team, they are MY team and no one is allowed to talk about them like that.  I'm very protective of my team!

Someone tell me, if the school does nothing is this considered sexual discrimination or slander?  I mean, are there any legal battles that could be fought in this situation?  I just want to have my guns ready to fire.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I totally missed the Pink Floyd memo...

While in college from 2003-2008, I was lucky to have amazing friends with amazing tastes in music.  In high school I seriously only listened to what everyone else listened know...the common stuff; Top 40, country, pop, rap.  But in college, I was able to meet so many different people with all different kinds of preferences to music.

Honestly though, because of these people I found the beauty in music.  Sure, I still like to hear a upbeat Britney Spears song once in a while, and yes, it brings back fun memories of being a teenager, but there is nothing like the feeling you get when you listen a song that can only be described as a true piece of art.  I learned that it wasn't about the popularity of the song, or how it somehow made me want to put lip gloss on and dance around in my underwear.  I learned that there were meanings to why that lyric is written that way, or why there is a specific guitar solo during that point in the song.

There was something deeper to certain songs.  They were written out of pure emotion and actually sung by the people who wrote them.  You can hear feeling in their voices and the passion behind their instruments.  They didn't write these songs in hopes that their music videos would make the top ten on TRL... music videos didn't even exist back in the day.  They wrote what they felt, what they experienced, and what they hoped for. to get to the point of this post....which I went a bit of topic with by ranting haha.  Anyways....

At the beginning of November, Pink Floyd re released all of their songs as an "Experience Edition".  I heard about this, but hadn't heard any of the new versions only thinking that they were going to just be the same songs but remastered (honestly, I like the older sounding versions of songs).  Two nights ago while driving into work, flipping through the radio stations, I caught the beginning of the "Wish You Were Here", my favorite Pink Floyd song.  As I listened, I thought about my friend Travis who passed away at the end on September 30th and how much he loved Pink Floyd too.  The song seemed very suiting to how I felt about him.....wishing he was still here.  When it got to about the middle of the song, a violin started playing with the song.  This was a version I had never heard before.

As a child, Travis was one of those young musical prodigies but, when he hit his teenage years stop playing because it, "wasn't cool".  He played with the Worcester Symphony Orchestra when he was only 9 years old.  He played the violin.  Just days before hearing the song that night, I had spoken to his sister about how he had told me about how much he loved to play when he was little.  She then informed me that she was surprised I knew that, seeing as he didn't tell many people about it.  Travis was a rather private person when it came to his childhood.

After Googling this version of the song, I found out that Pink Floyd had originally recorded this version with legendary violin player Stephane Grappeli but, it never made it to the original cut of the song.  The band members thought it had even been recorded over while finishing the album and officially lost.  Little did they know, the recording was sitting in an archive for 30 years until it's discovery and re release at the beginning of November.  Only days after Travis's passing.

I truly believe that in some parallel universe, I got to hear Trav play.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let the sickness ensue....

Since August, I have not had any time off.  Between working and coaching, I hardly ever have any time for myself or my friends.  Last week I was so excited because I had a super long weekend coming up.  I had Friday night through Monday night off.  No work or cheering for me!  I had so much some shopping, crafting, and of course see my friends.  

But of Friday afternoon I could feel it...just a little....but it was my sinuses.  A dreaded cold!

So instead of having fun filled weekend, I stayed in bed.  I guess you could look at it from the positive angle of, "Oh you needed some relaxation anyways," or, "At least you didn't have to miss any work because you were sick."  Nope...I'm looking at it from a negative way.  I wasted 4 glorious days doing nothing when I could have been doing much better things.  

And to make matters worse, I've lost my voice....not completely but, I do sound like an 80 year old man.  I keep thinking that I jinxed myself.  My last post was about how lately I haven't wanted to say much...well now I can't whether I want to or not!  Damn you Karma!!  ::shakes fist at sky::

But of course I'm back to work now....sniffling and answering the phone claiming that I'm a girl to the person on the other end.  

Cheers to green tea and Sudafed!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blah, blah, blah

"Blah, blah, blah".  Three things I haven't been doing much of lately.  For some reason I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy life much more when I'm not talking.  Shit, I can't believe I just typed that.  I've NEVER been one to not want to talk or want to  be heard.  Most times, I'm the one who always puts in her two cents.

The other night while at my parents house, we were watching TV and I realized I didn't say a word to either one of them for almost two hours.  It was wonderful!  All night long at work I customers, on the phone, to the person I work with and then when I coach during the day, I'm always talking.  The only time I don't talk is when I'm sleeping and 99% of the time, I text rather than make a phone call.  Hmm, the more I think about it, I hate talking on the phone.  Most of my communication is done via text or email.....and I prefer it that way.

So, I'm sitting here rolling my eyes at myself for thinking about how I used to gab 24-7 on my phone in college and even a couple years ago.  Think I'm kidding?  For example, in college I used to sometimes go over my monthly minutes...which were 450.  Now,  have 550 a month (family share plan) and of those 550, I used 48 minutes last month.  I kid you not.... 48!  Sidebar: I used 2,398 texts though......

So on that note, I'm going to shut my mouth more often.  Silence is golden and duct tape is silver.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail Polish Swap Update!!

Ok, I've been a little neglectful of my blog....but only because I've been super busy.  It's the begging of competition season for my team so I've been a nut!


I wanted to talk about the swap I did right before Thanksgiving.  I was supposed to blog about it on the 5th but, time got away from me.

This nail polish swap was sponsored by Celia and Tara.  I do have to say, this was my first blog swap and it was so much fun!  I was paired up with Keri who was so nice and bought me the most beautiful items (pictured below).

She was so generous!! She bought me 10 colors, a little black purple polka dotted zipper bag for all the items, 1 clear coat, a nail file w/ catty, and a mistake pen.  I took her advice and tried the gray color first.  Totally loved it!!

Everyone should head over to her blog and follow her!  And again, thanks Keri!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can someone tell me where 2011 went????

Where were you when the ball dropped taking us into 2011???  Where was i?  I'll tell you at the end of the month...I'm not ready to even go there.

But honestly, where the hell did 2011 go????  I know they say as you get older time moves faster but, my God....this is just ridicules!  

But I'm not going to spoil what today is.  It's December 1st everyone!  It's officially Christmas season and I'm so excited.  I love Christmas....the family, food, presents, music.  

Think quick, what is your favorite Christmas song?  Why?   Mine is easy.... O Holy Night.  It's just such a pretty song and I love all the notes you have to hit while singing it.

Here's to the next 24 days ;)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'll need a drink after this week!

From a scale of 1-10, my stress level is a 13.  My mind is in a million different places this week.

Have you ever felt torn between what you want to be and what people want you to be....and in the middle of all that, not know where you fit in?  Wow, that totally sounded like I was in high school.  But sadly, I feel like that.

My friends give me so much crap because I can't go on vacations with them, go out every night on benders at the bars (only to wake up hung over the next morning anyways), go to the casinos, or lately...even go to lunch.  I'm sorry if I can't spend all my money like some of them can.  I have $60,000 in student loans to pay off when most of them have 1/8 of that to pay back.  It's gotten so bad that one of my best friends from college asked me to not be a bridesmaid in her wedding because I mentioned how expensive the bridesmaids dresses were that she picked out.

On top of all this, or maybe because of this a little, I almost have no social life.  Like I said before, I'm happy with my life the way it is....but it's getting a bit lonely.  I work, coach, and sleep...and 9 times out of 10 I'm busy with one of those 3 things.  My friends have either moved away, had a baby, gotten married/engaged, or still act like they're 21 years old.  And then there's me....not wanting any of those things.  Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and I love going out with them and seeing them but, I'm just always left with a bit of that feeling of, "I don't belong here anymore."  And I am the first to admit, I used to be way cooler....when I was in college and 21 years old.  I'm 26 now, I'm an's time to grow up and do adult things and be responsible.

I had a boyfriend at this time last year.  We were together for almost a year but, I broke up with him about 6 months ago because he would complain that I never wanted to do anything.  He used to complain that we never went out....funny thing with that was he made 3 times a year what I make.  Did I expect him to pay for me all the time?  No.  Would it have been nice once in a while to treat me to a night out instead of bitching at me when I couldn't go out because I couldn't afford it? Sure.  And here's the kicker...on top of that he said I worked too much. Ummm, anyone else see an issue with that?  He hated that I wasn't rich but didn't want me working all the time.  Ya.... defiantly broke up with him.  Sidebar: I haven't dated since....I'm happier being single.

My friends and family want me to be some successful business woman...with an office, a BMW, and lots of spending cash.  Reality is, I'm never going to be that and I'm ok with it.  Apparently they aren't though.  I will admit that yes, I am kinda broke but, I pay all my bills and student loans every month.  I just do not have much spending money.  I work 3rd shift full time as an auditor at a hotel and coach cheerleading during my days.   I don't go on vacations, shopping sprees, or drive a brand new car.   But guess what, I'm happy.  I have a job that I enjoy and it allows me to do something I love; coach.  It makes me so angry that I find myself apologizing for that to everyone I know.

Yes, I budget my money, save my change, never get enough sleep, have forgotten what it's like to buy a new pair of heels, work many hours, and have student loans that I won't pay off until I'm 40.  Money does make life easier but, on a day when it's warm out, my music is as high as it can go, and the windows are rolled down, my Chevy Cobalt sure feels as good as any BMW.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend recap...

Just as I thought, my house was out of control.  We ended up having 5 more family members than we thought we would so the noise level was ear piercing at times.  It was all worth it though because we all had so much fun.

My black Friday experience was hmmm, awful yet rewarding.  I waited outside of Target for 2 1/2 hours in 30 degree weather for a new lap top.  Yes, I am one of those people who Black Friday shop for myself.  Actually, my mother said that if I went to get the lap top she would pay for it as a Xmas present for me.  It was an Acer 10.1in mini notebook on sale for $157.  What a deal!!!  Yes, I waited in the cold for that long, and yes I waited in the electronics line in the store for another 40min, but do I have a new lap top??? YES I DO!!  To all the southern Black Friday got NOTHING on us up here in New England.  We wait outside in the cold when we want a really great deal.

My older sister, cousin, and I took the three nieces to see the new Muppet movie.  Everyone go see it!!  It was so cute and really funny.  For those of you who remember the original Muppet show, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Snap back to reality....  This week is going to be one hell of a week.  In other words, I'll get hardly any sleep.  This week is try out week for my team.  We have two seasons so we have to have try outs twice.  There goes my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Then, we have first team practice Thursday and our first game is Friday night.  And of course there is icing on top of this cake....we have a team fundraiser with our booster club from noon to 8 on Saturday.  Coaching consumes my life HAHA.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raise your hand if you love the Holiday Season!!!

Of course my hand is raised....really high!!!  Although I am so broke come December 26th after all the gifts and celebrations, I love every minute of it.  I have a huge family and Christmas is the one time a year we all get together....all 40 of us....I swear that's not an exaggeration.  That includes my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins.  My mom is one of 6 so that's why there are so many of us.

Thanksgiving is more of a relaxing holiday.  We usually just do immediate family.  This year there will be myself, my parents, sister, her husband and two children, my brother, his wife, and their two children.  Total = 11.  Who am I kidding, my house will still be hectic haha!  I'm also excited to have 4 days off!!  So to everyone, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Eat lots of turkey and watch as much football as you can!

If you don't like Scenty, you're crazy

Again just wanted to say congrats to the Scentsy winner from my give away last week.  Congrats Angie and I hope you enjoy your new plug in warmer and scent!

And of course thank you so much to Christy for allowing me to have the giveaway.  I received a warmer from her and it's beautiful.  I got the Firefighter warmer from the Hero Collection.  If you know anyone who is a firefighter or police officer, you need to buy this for them.  I also got the Home Sweet Home scent which has a cinnamon fragrance so it smells so nice for the holidays.

Again, thank you Christy!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lazy Weekend/Scentsy Giveaway Winner!

This weekend will be the first weekend since September 17th that I won't have to coach.  OMG I'm soooo excited!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love to coach but I'm so happy that I can literally stay in my pjs all weekend and be a bum.  I don't have any errands, no shopping to do, and no cleaning to do....ok well maybe a few loads of laundry.

I could of course find something that had to be car could use a good cleaning, and I could catch up on some paperwork for coaching but screw it.  I want a weekend of pure laziness.  What's so wrong with that?  I mean, come on, I work about 52 hours a week normally lol.

Honestly, the only thing I plan on doing this weekend, besides that laundry, is some crafting.  I have a few earrings to make, some wine bottles to break then paint, and some organizing for my teams fundraiser on the 3rd.  Along with that, I have a new stereo system to listen to my records on so I'll hook all that up.  Wow, I sounded like a total nerd just now lol.

Oh well, here's to the weekend!!!

Ok everyone, this winner of my Scentsy give away is......

Congratulations to Angie from Queen of Snot Princesses!!!  Please email me to receive your prize!

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you all Monday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I'm in over my head...

I've always been pretty "savvy" with a computer.  I took some photo editing classes in high school but never in college. I'm completely self taught.  I've taught myself how to make images, .gif files, websites, mix music and even learned html code all on my own. Also, everything on my blog, I've done myself.   I don't have any fancy equipment or an apple computer.  It's just me and my mini notebook that I bought on sale at Target almost 3 years ago for less than $300 lol.  I don't own Photoshop (I wish I did though) or any fancy programs.  I use alot of online tools and the good old fashion copy and paste tool.

So last week the person who runs my team's booster club asked if I would make a mini video of the team for a fundraiser coming up in December.  I said I would and since then, I've been doing alot of YouTube watching; mostly of sports montages.  Only thing is that I've never made a video.  This is new territory.  And, not only do I have to make the video, I have to shoot it as well.

The first 30 sec of this video is kind of the look I'm going for, just different music and our video has be about 30 secs as well.

All this done by December 3rd....I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Monday, November 14, 2011

A little confused....

Hmm.... so I'm a bit mind boggled about my give away.  Only 2 people have entered.  Can someone explain to me why that is.  I think Scentsy is a wonderful product and I thought others would agree and try to win.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Good morning everyone!  I'm excited to announce my first ever giveaway!!

Thanks to Christy over at Sunshine and Pickles, I'm able to offer you all a chance to win a couple Scentsy products!

If you've never heard of Scentsy, you're definitely missing out!  Scentsy is like having a candle burning in the house, only better smelling and no need of matches.  They sell beautiful warmers that just melt the wax, letting the aroma fill any space that the warmer is plugged.

 This would be so pretty in any teenagers room...not to mention safer than a candle.

 This is my personal favorite.  I love the simplicity of it.

Christmas is coming up!!!!

So what can you win?!?!?  Christy has been ever so kind as to offer the winner of this giveaway any plug in warmer and scent bar of their choice!  How awesome is that?!

How can you enter? Here's how:

1.Publicly follow my blog (1 mandatory)
2. Go to Christy's Scentsy page and tell me which  plug in warmer and scent you'd chose (1 mandatory)

For extra entries:

1.) Publicly follow Christy's blog (1 entry)
2. Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)
3.) Tweet about the give away: "@DeliaKhellerman is hosting a Scentsy giveaway! Any plug in warmer and scent bar if you win!" (2 entries)
4.) Buy something from Christy's Scentsy page (3 entries)

-Please leave 1 comment for each entry!

That's 8 chances to win!!! The giveaway will end exactly a week from now...November 17th @ 12pm EST.

Good luck everyone!!!

Shopping, Seafood, Sports...and a GIVEAWAY!!!

So it's officially the middle of the work week!  Whew!!  Thankfully, this week I have Thursday night off.  I love 4 day work weeks.

Thursday my father is coming to visit me from upstate NY.  My parents divorced when I was 5, so I grew up in New England while my dad stayed where we used to live in NY.  The older I get, the less I get to see of him which sucks.  I'm just always working and it's hard to do just a weekend trip to see him when the drive is about 6 hours.  The past couple years, he's been coming to visit me here instead.  I like when he comes to visit me rather than me go there because we're able to do more things (he lives in the middle of the boondocks).

What's on the agenda this weekend?  Our favorite 3 S's.....Shopping, Seafood, and Sports.  It's funny, for being man, my dad loves to go shopping...and I like when he buy's me things (I'm totally "Daddies Little Girl" lol) so I can't complain about that lol.  When your in the Ocean State, you MUST have seafood.  We always go get some lobsters and little necks one night then follow it up the next night with Fish and Chips. And of course Saturday night we have tickets to the Boston Bruins game.  SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THAT.  My dad and I loooove hockey!

On a totally different note, my first give away starts tomorrow!!  It's a good one so make sure to check back!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moral support PLEASE!!!

When I was 17 I flew to Florida for spring was the first and last time I flew.  I hated every minute of it.  I've always had this little problem though.... I have a legit phobia of flying.  The thought of it scares me sooooo much.  My friends give me crap for it all the time and I'm so sick of being afraid of it, but I can't help it!

I know you're probable reading this thinking," You're more likely to die going to work in your car than die in a plane crash."  Statistically, I know that.  These are my reasons why....just hear me out.

1. If I were to get into a car accident, it would be on the ground.  Medical personal can just come to where I am.  If there were an emergency in the air, it would take 45min to descend and land not to mention you can only land on a good luck if you're over water.
2. If my car breaks down, I just sit and wait for AAA.  If my plane breaks down....we have to make it back to the one piece.
3. A car accident happens so fast...boom...its done.  If you're going to die, the impact is split second and it's over.  In a plane, you're inside the plane as its falling....time to know you're going to blow up and die.  Or worse, the place could break apart and you could just get sucked out and fall to your death.
4. Though you're more likely to get into a car accident, you're also more likely to walk away from that car accident alive.  In a plane crash...if you're dead...there is no "walking away" from something like that.

So yes, those are my 4 reasons.  I feel as if they make perfect sense.  To me, it's not about the chances of it actually happening, its a fear that it's going to happen to me if I ever get on a plane.  I'm a total basket case even when a friend or family member flies.  I literally have to check the news all day to make sure there are no plane crashes...and I don't feel better until I know they have landed.  I just don't understand why people think flying is such a good idea.  I mean, you're in a giant piece of metal that is held together with rivets, nuts, and bolts...all things that can break.  It is built like a bird and people hope it won't fall.  I mean come on people, does anyone else think that's put ridiculousness?

Ugh, I think I need help....or really good drugs if I ever want to fly anywhere ever again.

I did an interview....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  I just wanted to share a link with you all.  Head over to Sohpie's blog for an interview she did about me and my blog.  She has such a cute blog so please follow her!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Try's harder than you think

So recently one of my friends decided she wanted to make a list of her top 10 favorite songs and rank them from 1 (being her all time favorite) to 10.  Well, what started out as a fun idea turned into an obsession.  There were songs that she knew were going to be on her list right away, but then she started second guessing herself.  So, she's spent hours rummaging through old iTune accounts, YouTube videos, and billboard lists, trying to find songs that she may have forgotten about.  It's been a month and she's still not done.  Last time I checked, she had a list of 50 songs that she just loved so much.  She's slowly crossing off one song here and there until she makes it to 10.  I can't image what the process will be when she then ranks them from 1 to 10.

Unfortunately, I've now taken on the challenge...mostly to join her insanity.  Hmm...10 songs....that's it?!?!?  I love music so much and picking just 10 songs is nearly impossible, but I'm going to try.  I'll think of it as a that will bring me to a new music enlightenment.  Right now I'm compiling a list of all my favorite songs and then once I just can't find any more, I'll start to drop one at a time until there is 10 left.  What happens after that, will be details to come.

Her and I did make two rules though.

1.) It has to be favorite songs; songs that make you feel something.  Songs that remind of us of an ex boyfriend or event are not allowed.  The songs we pick have to be our favorite songs with no ulterior motives.  By doing this, we've eliminated the chance of having songs on our lists that represent a memory.  That is not what our top 10 are about....they are about ourselves and the relationship we have with the actual song.  Besides, I'm sure that if we want to make a list of songs that remind us of our ex's, or that drunken night in college....we could...easily.

2.)The songs do not have to all be #1 songs or popular songs.  It could be the worst song in the world to someone else...but it doesn't matter.  There is no bias to the song based on where it fell on the charts.

I won't list all the songs I have on my list right now, but a few are:
"With or Without You" by U2
"Silver Springs" by Fleetwood Mac
"Wonderwall" by Oasis
"Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix (I know it was written by Bob Dylan but I like the Hendrix version better)
"Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Like a Rolling Stone" by Jimi Hendrix (Same reason as above...)

Challenge yourself to do this....I dare you....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nail Polish swap!!!

Good Morning everyone!

I just signed up to do Celia's and Tara's Nail Polish Swap!  Such a cute idea!  You should check it out and sign up!

The 3rd shift blues

So if you don't know, I work 3rd shift full time in a hotel.  Along with that, I am a high school sports coach during the days and on the weekends.  With that said, it seems pretty obvious that I do not get as much sleep as the normal person.  It's not really that bad.  I've gotten used to it over the past 3 years.

I'm having a problem now though...  I can't sleep at all.  Before, I would get home from work about 8am and go right to sleep.  The alarm would go off for coaching at 1:15pm and I'm out the door by 1:45pm.  In the past, the sleep I was getting from 8am-1:15pm was perfect....could have slept through a tornado.  Now, I toss and turn....waking up every hour and a half or so.  This goes on until the alarm goes off for coaching.  Normally, I get home from coaching around 5:15pm, eat dinner, and then take a small nap before going back into work.  Only problem with that is, I can't fall asleep after dinner like usual.  Because of this, I've been averaging 5-6 hours a day on sleep, five days a week.  That's it!

I'm so frustrated I miss falling asleep and waking up fully rested.

  Any tips?  I'm desperate!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love is for dummies

"I am someone looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love." - Carrie Bradshaw

What an awesome quote.....right?  Is it strange that as much as I personally agree with that quote, I believe that it's unattainable.  Ok, maybe I'm a pessimist but come many people do you know lie, cheat, and are miserable being married?  Sadly, I know WAY too many. 

There is always drama, forceful compromising, and a struggle to keep a relationship together.  I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as love.  I'm not talking about love shared between family.  I'm talking about "true love".  The type where you want to marry that person and live "happily ever after".  Honestly, I think it is nothing but an agreeable common attachment between two people, and when the attachment starts to wear off, they go looking for another one.  

The older I get, the less I believe in the idea of love.  Someone once told me that I need to meet the right guy. I laughed at them.  Maybe what I need is someone to show me love is real, because until now, no one has been able to do that.  Even my friends that are in relationships all deal with so much bullshit.  Why would I want to put myself into that situation?  I'd rather be happy alone than in constant need of someone else.  I want to make myself happy, not spend my life depressed and crossing my fingers that one day some prince will swoop in a make my life complete.  Come on, what is this, a Disney movie?  NOPE!

I'm sorry if you're reading this thinking, "Poor girl," or, "She has no idea what she's talking about.  Me and my significant other are perfect and happy," and just getting angry at me.  But, you can not accuse me of not having just cause to feeling the way I do.  

So overall, am I looking for love? No.  If it wants to find me, it knows where I am.  Would I like love? I guess.  Am I going to kill myself if I don't find it? No.  

Believing is until I see it, it's nothing but a myth, folklore....a unicorn.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat or Treat!!

So, being that I'm 26, I don't plan on Trick or Treating by myself.  That is what my 5 year old niece is for.  Tonight I'll be taking her around, and then plan on eating most of her candy considering my sister, her mom, doesn't let her eat like any of her candy lol.  Yup, I'm such a wonderful Auntie.

I do wish that I was little again though.  I miss Trick or Treating.  Halloween was easily my favorite holiday.  I loved dressing up and always went all out.  Hell, I still love to, but refrain from due to my age lol.  Maybe tonight I'll do something cute and subtle.  I have a pair of bunny ears from a costume a few years ago.  I could use them with a white hoodie and some eyeliner made whiskers lol.  Yes, I've made up my mind....tonight I will dress up as a 26 year old Aunt Bunny.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have a new mission

Ever seen the movie Whip It?  If not, see it, it's a cute movie.  But that's not why I'm posting...

This is a scene from the movie.  Notice anything awesome in this picture????  If you're blind, look behind and around the two actors.  See it now?  Look at all those records!  This picture is my new mission.  I want that.  Sure, I could just buy the CDs or download it offline and put it on my ipod, but where is the fun in that?  I want to hear old music the way it is supposed to be heard.  Scratchy, raw, and in its true form...not like the new remastered versions you can buy.  I want to close my eyes and her Jimi Hendrix how they heard him while he was still alive.  Come on, how cool would that be?  

Step 1: find a record player

HAHA....shit I have a long way to go!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I fell in love with a website

So over the past month I stumbled upon a website called 8Tracks.  I've never been more in love with a website. It's kinda like Pandora or IHeartRadio but it's play lists made by other users.  You're able to follow other users and listen to their play lists.  There is literally a mix for any mood your in or any type of music you're into.

This past month I've been listening to a lot of music and I have become an avid believer that music can help anything.  Don't get me wrong, I've always loved music...all kinds.  But lately, I've found it therapeutic.  Over the past few weeks I've found a new love for folk/pop/indie music.  I've been hitting repeat to songs by Missy Higgins, Adele, Kate Nash, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, and Tori Amos (I've always loved Tori though lol).  Something about the way they sing, or write their feels more real.  It's not mainstream and hasn't been written by some song writer that just gets paid for banging out cheesy songs in hope for a #1 on the radio charts.

God, I wish I could sing.  I've been told I can...but honestly, I don't come remotely close to the talent some people have.  Hmm...if I could sing like would be a toss up of Eva Cassidy, Carrie Underwood, Zooey Deschanel, and Adele.  All soft, yet powerful voices.

I've deeply always wanted to walk in a bar, get on a mic and just wow a group of randoms.  Just a bar, somewhere random, where there are old men in cowboy hats.  Walk in wearing jeans, a tee shirt, and heels....maybe whip out a good Roy Orbison song.  Ya, that would be fun. But you have to have talent to do that.  My next life hopefully.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Feeling alive again....

So I have not blogged since the 11th, and before that since Sept. 30th....the day my friend passed.  I just needed to take some time to find myself again. Waking up every day has hurt.  I find myself doing something, even the smallest things like eating, and think to myself that he can't do this anymore.  Laughing feels good until I remember that I can't laugh with him anymore.  Smiling would only mask my emotions and excusing myself to go to the bathroom was to only wipe tears from my eyes.

I had become tired of being tired that I didn't know how to be happy either.

Then last week, I got very sick...some kind of flu with all the fixings....fever of 103.2, headache, body ache.  It was the worst flu I've seriously ever had in my life which resulted in me having to sleep on living room floor because my bed just did not feel comfortable.  I laid on the floor all night, crying from feeling so sick, and being in so much pain.  I found myself asking him to come get me and to take me back with him.

The next morning, I woke up, without a fever, and a much clearer mind than I have had since Sept. 30th.  He didn't come get me cause it wasn't my time.  It will be one day, but until then I had to stop being so sad all the time.  He doesn't want me with him yet because he wants me here, happy.  He wants me to laugh, have fun, and live.  I shouldn't feel guilty about getting to do those things when he can't, because he gets to do them through me and everyone else who is still here.  I can't rush life.

So, on that note, I've found my reasoning to why I just cannot be upset anymore.  It's hard to always be happy but now I can do try to feel happy without feeling guilty.  And since last week, I've noticed that I've been smiling much, much more.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking some personal time

So I haven't blogged in a week....not since my last post about my friend that passed away, have I felt inspired.  It sounds awful, but I just haven't had the heart to write.  Is that normal?  My whole life I've been kind of a writer and I've never just wanted to avoid it like I do now.

Maybe my thoughts are just so exhausting from all of the events from the past week and a half, that rather than write, I'm trying to just turn off my brain.

So until I can settle my mind, thoughts, and emotions....I will search for happiness....hopefully I find it soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I know it is part of life...I know that death is part of the whole "circle of life" thing but no matter what the circumstances, a death is always sad.  As I grew up, older members of my family passed away.  Never from anything tragic...mostly due to old age.  When I was 18 years old, one of my friends from high school was killed in a car accident...he was only 16.  When I was 21, a coach that I had been working with lost her battle to stomach cancer...she was only 37.

But nothing prepared me for Friday night.

I was out with my best friend and her boyfriend in the city.  I received a call at midnight that shattered part of my world and my heart.  One of my very close friends from college that I actually used to date had been found dead in his apartment only hours early in the night. Until that moment, I never knew what it felt like to have the world stop.  I'm not going to sit here and write a long post about how awful the past few days have been because I refuse to dwell on the bad. So for the first time since Friday I'm trying to collect my thoughts and reminisce about what I loved about him so much.

I'll miss his contagious was deep with a hint of cackle but not in a scary witch way.  I'll miss his blue eyes that any girl would swoon over....I know I did all the time.  I'll miss the way we used to lock eyes from across a room and just know what the other was thinking....kind of like what you see in the movies.  I'll miss his quick witty jokes that used to come out of left field.  I'll miss the late night chats we used to have and how  in the car we never had to turn on the radio because we could talk about anything.  I'll miss him ranting and raving over my mom's cooking...especially his love for Frito Pie.  I'll miss his randomness and spur of the moment attitude.  And although it's been a year since he and I dated, I'll miss the private moments we had with each other not because I wanted to date him again, but because there is no way we will ever have the chance again .  I'll miss his kiss and the way he used to twirl my hair with his fingers at night.  I'll even miss how he used to kick his legs at night so much that he'd wake me up and how we used to sleep in those damn twin beds in our dorm rooms.  If you've never had to sleep two in a twin bed, consider yourself lucky lol.

I just keep thinking this isn't real...that I can just call him, Facebook him or tell him that its his turn on Words With Friends.  But then I remember that he's not here anymore and he'll never be back.  I believe in some kind of after world/heaven and spirits who are able to come back and visit. So I'll wait for him to show up...somehow, someway....cause that's just him.  He'd never miss out on a good party.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Yay....its Friday!!  On that note....I'm doing another linkup (cause they're so much fun) with Kori at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.

Because I live in New England, the Fall season is always one filled with warm days and cool nights.  The leaves turn red, orange, yellow and apple picking is something that everyone just had to do.  During the fall there is nothing more comfortable than a sweatshirt.  I'm sure everyone has the one sweatshirt that they just love and no matter how stained, old, or dirty it gets, it is just about broken into.  The wonderful thing about a sweatshirt is the number of styles there are and how versatile it is.  You can wear it with jeans, shorts, or the obvious choice of pajama bottoms.  Here are some of my favorite looks for a sweatshirt.

This is for sale on but I'm convinced I could totally make this myself.


This is also for sale on but this looks a bit advanced for me to make but I LOVE it.

The lace on the back of this plain sweatshirt is so pretty.

I love how just pairing this sweatshirt with a long necklace and pushing up the sleeves gives this outfit a totally different feel.

This is such a cute idea. If you click the picture it takes you to the tutorial on how to make this.

There is nothing like a sweatshirt that reps your team!!

Ok, there would be no way I would ever wear this but, I found a picture of it while looking online and just thought it was so rediculas that I had to share. It would make a great Halloween costume...if you're going as a pizza lol.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Linking Up: Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Ok, so for this week's Thursday post I'm going to shake things up a bit.  I usually do a PinTerest Thursday post but today I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for their Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge.  Defiantly a fun idea!  Today's topic is "Favorite Football Pastimes".

First off, being from New England I have to make the obvious comment about my beloved Patriots!  My best memory of The Pats took place on my 21st birthday.  In the summer, you're able to go to Gillette Stadium to watch the team practice in the summer and then on some days players will come to where the crowd is and sign some autographs and take pictures.  On the day I went Tom Brady (SOOO SEXYY) actually walked the perimeter of the field and quickly signed some autographs as he walked by.  By the grace of God, he signed the roster that they gave out that day.  I thought I was going to die.  To this day, it hangs framed in my living room.   Dear rest of the United States, sorry you hate New England sports teams.  You're just jealous.

I have the best mom in the world and there is nothing like the football spreads she makes for Sunday afternoon games. It's usually just me and my step-father but she loves to do it and makes all kinds dips and finger foods. I found this picture and I'll have to show her...maybe she can make it for Super Bowl.

I've always grown up loving sports and it only got more serious in high school haha. I was a cheerleader all through high school and of course we cheered all the football games. There is nothing like being right there on the sidelines for all the action not to mention my football team was one of the best in the state during those years. Memories I'll never forget!  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I have to admit....Tuesdays have become my favorite day of the week.  Not only is today the one day a week I don't have to coach and get to sleep all day but, I get to share a video that I just can not get enough of.  I had a whole bunch of videos that I just loved this week but a sudden change of heart made me want to share this one instead.  Okay, okay.....I know I posted a trailer to a movie last week for YouTube Tuesday, but I'm posting this trailer because of the actual movie rather than the quality of the trailer.

The movie Catfish was released in 2010 but somehow the first I ever heard of it was last Thursday night.  Lucky for me, it was recently on HBO.  Side note:  If you subscribe to HBO, it doesn't seem to be playing as much anymore on TV but it is still on HBOGo.  The film is a documentary about a young man in New York, NY who starts correspondence with a family who lives in Michigan after the family's youngest daughter sends him a painting of a photo he took that became nationally syndicated.  I really do not want to say anything else because the less you know about the film, the better it is. 

I seriously think this movie was one of the best I have ever seen.  Please watch it, I'm begging you.


Monday, September 26, 2011

What a weekend...

Ya know, weekends are supposed to be relaxing right?  Oh no, not in my life.  During the week, I work all night and then coach every day.  Then the weekend comes and what do I do?  I fill it with bars, parties, and random alcohol binges.  Honestly, I don't do that all the time...except the past couple months.  And of course the bank account shows how much I've been having "too much fun".  Really though, after this weekend I realized that I'm all partied out, for a while at least...and I'm totally happy with that lol.

This weekend my best friend from high school got married.  Wow what a wedding.  I was a bridesmaid which was of course so much fun.  I don't want to sound mean, but I've been to weddings that were much more fun.  For some reason being in the wedding is just exhausting.  And of top of that, us girls got our hair and makeup done with was a TOTAL rip off.  We paid way too much for makeup and up-dos that I honestly could have done myself.  Everyone else seemed to be okay with it...I wasn't.  But what was I supposed to do?  I was not going to bitch or ruin the brides morning.  On top of that, the people who did our hair were family friends of one of the the other bridesmaids.

I have hair that you can honestly do anything with.  It stays in place and have always been told by other hair dressers that I have the best hair for up-dos. This is a picture of my hair literally right after she was done.  I can't believe I paid $55 for this hair do.

Overall though, it was of course a beautiful wedding and I loved every minute of it....after I pulled my hair up into a bun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yes....I got bored at work the other night and made myself a cute little graphic for my PinTerest Tuesday posts.  I also make one for YouTube'll get to see that one next week.

So this week I have been into making things.  I actually revamped a pair of shoes I had for a wedding with spray paint and sparkle glitter.  I really should have taken a "before" photo because they came out soooo awesome   Here are some other things I found this week that I really would love to make

I love mexican food.  There is just something about rice, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole all put together.  Here is the link to the recipe for this picture

How cool is this???  I'm dying to make one of these for myself!

I see tea cups a saucers all the time at yard sales.  What a cute idea for a garden!

And of course to go along with my glass obsession.  Here are directions to make colored glass.  Its SO easy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

Due to technical difficulties this morning, I'm now doing my post tonight.  So yes, it's Tuesday and time for me to add a video that I just can't get enough of this week.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've always been obsessed with movie trailers.  I may never even see the movies but I love watching the trailers for them.  There is just something about the way someone is able to take 2 hours worth of a move, make into a 2 min clip that makes you want to see go out and see it in theaters.  Only since about 2000, trailers got rid of the voice know the "movie guy" that would talk during a trailer to describe the movie.  Now music is just used with clips from the movie which I think works much better.  Music can convey a feeling and set a mood much better than some guy with a deep voice.

Hence, I spend too much time on looking at trailers when I'm bored.  I guess I'd even go as far as to say I'm kind of a movie trailer connoisseur haha. is my YouTube video today. It's a new trailer for a movie called Like Crazy.  Yes, it's very "chick flicky" and I most likely will not see the movie but, the trailer is wonderful.  The movie is about a young couple and what happens to their relationship when she she is banned from the U.S. when her visa runs out and has to return to the U.K.  Watch it and I'm sure you'll agree.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear 17 year old me

So I saw on someone else's blog a really great post and wanted to do one like hers.  She wrote a letter to herself...when she was 17.  It was touching to read and bought me back to when I was 17 and a senior in high school.  If only we could go back in time.  Oh the things we would tell ourselves.  Do you agree?  What would you tell 17 year old you?  This is what I would say to me....

Dear 17 year old Delia,

It's September of your senior year in high school and you're freshly turned 17.  You feel on top of the nothing can bring you down.  Cherish every moment because you only get to do them once.  I know you will but take in every detail...the smell, the sounds, the feelings.  That way you can remember them for longer than someone else may.  

Take more can never have enough pictures.

When he breaks your heart, don't worry because life goes on and you will love again.  Don't give yourself to anyone no matter how confused you get....there is no rush and you'll know when you're truly ready.  It's ok to cry about it, but it's not ok to let it prevent you from getting out of bed in the morning and fearing going to school.  You're better than that and no one will ever make you feel that way ever again, because this teaches you how to not to let them.

Love every minute in your dinky 92' Geo Storm because it will crap the bed in a year.  Roll the windows down and turn on N'Sync as loud as it can go.  And save that picture of you laying on the roof of it lol.

Drama doesn't last forever so don't let it consume you.  Be nice, even when you don't want to be because it's better to look back and know you were a good person rather than a bully.  One day someone that you were nice to in high school will tell you that, and it will show you how good of a person you were then and still are now.

Love the every time you put your uniform on and go on the field, or the mat.  Live it, breathe it, and cherish. That sport has made you exactly who you are and who you will be in the future.  If only you knew how important you will be to that sport when you turn 21.

Don't worry about missing out on things others are doing this year.  You'll be in college next year (and yes you get into your #1 choice) and you'll realize that college is way better than high school.  You will end up switching colleges after Freshman year, but it will be the best decision you will ever make.

Cherish your friends because after graduation some of them will not be your friends anymore and many of them you will loose touch with.  Don't fear this though because you will meet amazing friends in college who will become your sisters.  The quote, "You meet your girlfriends in high school but you meet your bridesmaids in college," really is true.

Enjoy paying $1.00 a gallon for gas, having no debt, sleeping all day on the weekends, using your aol screen name, spending an entire paycheck on clothes without feeling guilty, watching the first season of American Idol with mom, getting ready in the morning for school with your sister, bad 90s pop music and spending 3 months off in the summer doing absolutely with no care in the world.

Every choice you make will be the right one, don't worry.  Remember, to be who you are because you will be happier that way.  Don't pressure yourself to be a certain kind of person in 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years.  In 8 years you will not be doing what you thought you would be doing, knowing who you thought you would know, and living where you thought you would live.  It's ok though because you will be happy and you will realize that life can not be just happens.


26 year old Delia

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday

So today I'm linking up with Kori over at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.  Because the fall is coming, I decided to put some pictures up of some of my favorite hats.  I LOVE hats and if I'm not wearing one, I'm wearing a headband lol.  For some reason though, there is nothing like a cute comfy hat for a crisp Autumn day.

One more thing, why can't we here in the U.S. wear those awesome hats they do in the U.K.???  If you watched the royal wedding you know what i mean.  I wish it was a common thing here.  Hmmm, maybe I'll have to hit up the Kentucky Derby one day.  I think that's the only day in the states that woman get away with wearing those HUGE hats.

I know this isn't a hat, but I just had to include it. Isn't it fabulous?!

Of course I have to rep Boston :)

Scentsy Giveaway!

Everyone should go over and checkout Running Down a Dream's blog this weekend.  She is doing a Scentsy giveaway.  If you don't know what Scentsy is, its a brand of WONDERFUL frangrances.  Think Yankee Candle meets Bath and Body works.  The scents are funky and way better than just any candle.  My family swears by them.  I've put a button to the blog...just follow the directions about how to enter.

Running Down a Dream

Thursday, September 15, 2011

pinTerest Thursday

Today is again here are a few of my favorite Pinterest images from this week!

This is just so cute for a children's play room or bedroom.  I love this idea and I may just have to sneak it into my apartment somewhere.

Lately, I've starting making all different kinds of crafts using empty wine bottles. The past couple months I've figured out how to remove the bottoms off of them. I love this idea and I plan on trying it myself. It's such a cute gift!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes, but only one problem....the website they are from is in the UK and they don't have my size. Guess those Brits have little feet because like none of their shoes come in a size 10 or 11. :(

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some people I tell ya....

Can someone please explain to me why people lie just because they can?  And if they do lie, why not cover up your tracks accordingly.  

So a little over a month ago I went to a bar with some friends and met a guy. He bought me a beer for my birthday (very nice of him) and we proceeded to have some small talk, nothing more.  Now I never am one to give out my phone number so I took his instead.  I had forgotten all about it until about a week ago when I see a number in my phone with the name Chris.  I only know one other Chris and this was not his number.  Then I remembered about the RBG (Random Bar Guy) from my birthday.  It had to have been him but to make sure, I sent a quick little "Hi, who is this?" text.  To make a long story short it ended up being him.

Surprisingly since then we've been chatting back and fourth about a week now.  He seems very nice but my God, his life has been a Greek he tells me.  So ridiculously bad that it makes me wonder if he's making it up....looking for sympathy.  But who is crazy enough to do that.....right??   

So last night, I threw him a text just saying,"Hi," and he did not respond for about 20 minutes....which didn't bother me.  When he did text back it said, "Sorry. I left my phone at home when I left." I told him it was no biggie and proceeded to have a conversation with him.  When I asked what he was up to he then replied that he was a few towns over with his friend who's car had broken down and they were waiting for the tow truck. Now me being the detail freak that I am, realized that this did not make sense.  How could he have forgotten his phone at home when he had been stuck on the side of the road with his friend for over an hour?  Wouldn't that mean he couldn't have been able to go home and get his phone?

Now I had to call him out on it.... so I sent him,"You said you left your phone at home when you left but your not home how do you have your phone?".  He never responded....even I did the dumb girl double check text of ,"You ok?"

I imediatly laughed my ass off at him and deleted his number....don't think I'll ever hear from him again.  And I hope he loses my number.  Hopefully he actually loses it, not "leaves it at home".

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

Good morning everyone!  Before I do my weekly YouTube Tuesday, I have to touch on the fact that I've been a bit neglectful of my blog.  In all actuality I was just incredibly busy this weekend.  I saw many other blogs about the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and I was hesitant to do one myself.  I won't go on for long about it, and rather than go into all the political nitty-gritty details about how I feel about it I will just say this:

I am a true American.  I love my country and I think what happened on September 11th 2001 was a horrific even that took place in our country.  I was 16 when it happened and until that moment, was able to grow up knowing nothing about war, and extremists. It makes me sad to think there are young adults in this world who have never lived a life where terrorism did not exist in our vocabulary.  But, I will say that I am not one to lie down and believe everything that has been told the public about what happened that day. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No.  But, I have every right as an American to want to know the truth about what happened on my home's soil.  All it boils down too though, is that for no matter what reason....I pray that all those innocent people did not die in vain.  And no one will forget that day.

Okay then...onto the video for today:

Warning: this video does drop the F bomb....but it's hysterical LOL.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pinTerest Thursday

Good morning!  Here are some images that I found while obsessing on the past couple days....

I grew up loving those little dots on paper strips.  Funny how I seem to be in love with cakes lately (I had a picture of one last week on pinTerest Tuesday).  This would be such a fun wedding shower cake with some kind of a candy theme.  Maybe "Love is Sweet"?

This looks like such a fun project.  It's simple and would not be messy.  Also, it would be great for kids.  I have a large glass vase so maybe I'll do this for fall.  Hmmm what colors?  Pink and gold would be really pretty.

So, like many other girls, I'm a sucker for a great quote.  In high school, one of my bedroom walls was nothing but quotes and song lyrics.  I just believe that some words, put together just right, can create an emotion.  And that is such a beautiful thing.  I'd never heard this quote before and I was surprised that Bob Marley said it....only because I know a decent amount of Bob quotes....just not this one.  I loved it so much because it reminds me that everyone is human.  Something we should never forget....even if it has to do with that guy that could never do anything right lol.