Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat or Treat!!

So, being that I'm 26, I don't plan on Trick or Treating by myself.  That is what my 5 year old niece is for.  Tonight I'll be taking her around, and then plan on eating most of her candy considering my sister, her mom, doesn't let her eat like any of her candy lol.  Yup, I'm such a wonderful Auntie.

I do wish that I was little again though.  I miss Trick or Treating.  Halloween was easily my favorite holiday.  I loved dressing up and always went all out.  Hell, I still love to, but refrain from due to my age lol.  Maybe tonight I'll do something cute and subtle.  I have a pair of bunny ears from a costume a few years ago.  I could use them with a white hoodie and some eyeliner made whiskers lol.  Yes, I've made up my mind....tonight I will dress up as a 26 year old Aunt Bunny.

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