Monday, May 20, 2013

My Saturday Night

Tina's birthday is this week and of course I need to buy her a present.  Seeing as I'm 1.) Broke, and 2.) Trying to save money anyways, I made the decision to make her a gift instead of buying her one.  Due to her lack of common sense, there has been an ongoing joke for a few years about her ability to make colors.  Sadly, she really is unaware how to make the color green from two primary colors.  For a couple years now we've all said that she needs a color wheel to learn her colors.  Thankfully, I have artistic ability and bought a canvas, and some paint for about $10.  Her birthday present this year will be a large color wheel LOL.

So Saturday night I did nothing except paint.

Usually on a Saturday night I am out with my Four Pack, but this weekend I decided to spend some time with myself.  And I found myself being proactive about making her present, so I sat my butt down, turned on Pandora and started mixing up some paint.  Not like I was sitting down to paint the Mona Lisa, but I did want to enjoy myself and relax.

My whole life I've always like creating things with my hands....making jewelry  painting, building, and sculpting.  I've always had a joke that if you gave me a glue gun, duct tape, and zip ties, I could build you anything.  Painting for me is like stress relief.  And here's a isn't coloring, but I'm too embarrassed that CeeCee would catch me one night hiding in my rooming coloring in some ridiculous My Little Pony coloring book or something lol.

I begin to paint...losing myself in the brush strokes.  My music plays in the background and I forget any care I may have.  Along with Pandora, I have all the windows open in my apartment.  The sounds of The Big City also filled my ears.  Nothing could go wrong at that moment.  I forgot about how stressed I've been but then started to wonder what it would be like if I wasn't alone....what it would be like to have a man around again. Is it bad that I was scared about those thoughts??

Hmm, more to think about.  One thing I do know is I'm tired, and tomorrow is Monday. Time to drag my ass back to work for another 5 days.  Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Big City

So as I wrote about a couple nights ago, I now live in The Big City.

Sidebar: Not that I am worried about saying what city exactly it is...but I'd rather not refer to it by name.  I'm sure that one who were to avidly read my blog, could figure it out if they really wanted to.  Either way though, I'm just going to refer to the city I live in as The Big City.

Anyways, yes I now live in The Big City.  Going from a small town back to the city has been a huge adjustment   I lived in this city for 4 years while in college, but I haven't lived here since 2008.  Every time I am driving around, I can't help but feel at home, more at home than I ever did back in my small town.  There is just something about the city that fuels my soul.

But, I'm not alone here.  I have my room mate Cee Cee, and my wonderful friends; Jules and Tina.  We call ourselves "The Four Pack" LOL.  All of us are crazy in our own ways.

My room mate Cee Cee is 5ft of spunky randomness.  Her ADHD always makes for an interesting conversation.  She not only is my room mate, but she owns the apartment we live in.  We actually met on Craigslist when I was looking for an apartment about a year ago.  Oddly enough, we had many things in common and we joke that her and I were destined to live together.

Tina is my best friend from college.  Her and I lived together for 3 years during school and I have to admit, she is one of my closest friends.  We experienced the whole "college" thing together.  This August, I will have known her for 9 years; 9 amazing and crazy years. She is very friendly among men LOL.  Most times she has a drink in her hand and is going through her "little black book" of this city.

Jules is Tina's room mate and best friend from middle school.  I met Jules through Tina and it was only obvious that we clicked right away. Jules and I are the most alike when it comes to how we think.  Our personalities are very much the same and we have the same outlook on life.  People actually ask if we are sisters sometimes because we are both 5'8", long blond hair, and blue eyes.  Jules is the one person I know won't go crazy on me LOL.

So that's my wolf pack.  We're young, crazy, and trying to pay the bills.  I guess I wanted to describe them a little because I want to start including then in my daily blogs.  They are truly entertaining and some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Allergies Ruin Lives!

So as we all know, it is May and it is the wonderful time of the year where everything blooms...welcome Spring, show us along to Summer.  But, with that calming thought that the Winter is actually over, we have to  deal with the next object.... POLLEN.

For those of you who live in New England, you understand how crazy the pollen can be in the Spring.  For those of you with allergies, I feel your pain.  I've been a complete mess for about a week now.  The sneezing, runny eyes, runny nose, and slight wheeze when I breathe, is all brought to you by Mother Nature.

My allergies are so bad this year, that I can't even get eye make up on.  It irritates my eyes even worse, and due to them tearing so much, I end up wiping all the makeup off anyways.  I wear alot of eye makeup (classy though...not trashy eye makeup LOL...not porn star makeup) and no one at work had even seen me without eye makeup before.  This whole week people keep saying how tired, or sad I look.  That of course means, "Wow you look like shit," in a nice way.  Honestly though, its cut out about 15 min of my morning routine when getting ready for work.  That has been the only upside to this.

I wake up every morning hoping that its better...only to realize that my eyes are once again crusted shut...sorry if that was TMI for some.  It's true though LOL.  One more confession, I'm sitting here typing this with tissues stuffed up my nose.  It's the only way I can keep it from running.  God, I look damnnnn sexy.  I know the neighbors must be peeping on me from their apartment next door thinking, "Let me get some of that!"

Oh well, here's to Summer, who I'd like picture is as a 6' 2", blond haired, blue eyed man, with perfect teeth, a six pack (not beer), and a bronzed tan.  Yes, I'm ready for you Summer!  Hopefully by the time you're here I'll be able to get that eye liner to stay on.

Monday, May 13, 2013

So it's been more than a year...


I've been gone too long and I think I'm ready to start this again.

Not that I ever wanted to stop, I just couldn't find the time.

My life has changed...actually it's more than changed... it had done a complete 180.

Sooooo, lets recap:

I got a new a different state.  I great job; a job I love.  And due to the new job, and of course the pay raise :)  I was able to move.  Now, I live in The Big City, in an apartment, with a room mate just one state over.  It's been 5 years since I lived in The Big City and being back feels so good.  I went to college in this city and know every corner of it.  It's a big city...not the biggest... but it's my favorite place to live.  Summer is coming up, and it is the best time to live here.

I work for a hotel that is about a half hour north of The Big City.  It's a larger hotel than my last...more than double the size actually.  The past year I've worked in their sales department...filing, answering the phones, making reservations, and drafting contracts.  It's been the best year of work I've ever had.  I went from working the night shift at a hotel desk for over three and half years, to a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday gig which includes my own office... Not too shabby!  I just look at it as I am learning so much, and I have so many opportunities in the future in this industry. 

The heartbreaking thing about all of this...I no longer am able to coach my team.  I had to give it up.  It was such a tough decision, but it was one I had to make.  I miss the team and those girls every day...literally, but it was time to move on.  I've tried coaching a couple other teams out here, but its just not the same.  I didn't have the feelings I did when I coached my girls.  So, I decided to take a break and it definitly was a break well deserved. For the first time in 5 years, I have time to myself again.  It's nice to be able to get out of work at 5 and come home and put pj's on and do nothing.  I'll coach again one day, but for now...I'm taking a leave.

That pretty much sums up where my life is at right now.  Of course there are other things that go along with it, but for surface value, yeah...thats my life right now.

As for plans for my blog... I want to continue to write.  I know I may not get to post every day, but I'd like to start to write a couple to a few times a week.  I miss the online community and reading every one elses' blogs.

Lately, I've just had so much going through my mind, and I keep thinking that the only place I could put them was on here.  So here I go again.

On that note, I'm going to bed...which is something I've never said on my blog before.  Oh, and I love hashtags now... yup, I'm one of those people.