Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Big City

So as I wrote about a couple nights ago, I now live in The Big City.

Sidebar: Not that I am worried about saying what city exactly it is...but I'd rather not refer to it by name.  I'm sure that one who were to avidly read my blog, could figure it out if they really wanted to.  Either way though, I'm just going to refer to the city I live in as The Big City.

Anyways, yes I now live in The Big City.  Going from a small town back to the city has been a huge adjustment   I lived in this city for 4 years while in college, but I haven't lived here since 2008.  Every time I am driving around, I can't help but feel at home, more at home than I ever did back in my small town.  There is just something about the city that fuels my soul.

But, I'm not alone here.  I have my room mate Cee Cee, and my wonderful friends; Jules and Tina.  We call ourselves "The Four Pack" LOL.  All of us are crazy in our own ways.

My room mate Cee Cee is 5ft of spunky randomness.  Her ADHD always makes for an interesting conversation.  She not only is my room mate, but she owns the apartment we live in.  We actually met on Craigslist when I was looking for an apartment about a year ago.  Oddly enough, we had many things in common and we joke that her and I were destined to live together.

Tina is my best friend from college.  Her and I lived together for 3 years during school and I have to admit, she is one of my closest friends.  We experienced the whole "college" thing together.  This August, I will have known her for 9 years; 9 amazing and crazy years. She is very friendly among men LOL.  Most times she has a drink in her hand and is going through her "little black book" of this city.

Jules is Tina's room mate and best friend from middle school.  I met Jules through Tina and it was only obvious that we clicked right away. Jules and I are the most alike when it comes to how we think.  Our personalities are very much the same and we have the same outlook on life.  People actually ask if we are sisters sometimes because we are both 5'8", long blond hair, and blue eyes.  Jules is the one person I know won't go crazy on me LOL.

So that's my wolf pack.  We're young, crazy, and trying to pay the bills.  I guess I wanted to describe them a little because I want to start including then in my daily blogs.  They are truly entertaining and some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

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