Monday, May 20, 2013

My Saturday Night

Tina's birthday is this week and of course I need to buy her a present.  Seeing as I'm 1.) Broke, and 2.) Trying to save money anyways, I made the decision to make her a gift instead of buying her one.  Due to her lack of common sense, there has been an ongoing joke for a few years about her ability to make colors.  Sadly, she really is unaware how to make the color green from two primary colors.  For a couple years now we've all said that she needs a color wheel to learn her colors.  Thankfully, I have artistic ability and bought a canvas, and some paint for about $10.  Her birthday present this year will be a large color wheel LOL.

So Saturday night I did nothing except paint.

Usually on a Saturday night I am out with my Four Pack, but this weekend I decided to spend some time with myself.  And I found myself being proactive about making her present, so I sat my butt down, turned on Pandora and started mixing up some paint.  Not like I was sitting down to paint the Mona Lisa, but I did want to enjoy myself and relax.

My whole life I've always like creating things with my hands....making jewelry  painting, building, and sculpting.  I've always had a joke that if you gave me a glue gun, duct tape, and zip ties, I could build you anything.  Painting for me is like stress relief.  And here's a isn't coloring, but I'm too embarrassed that CeeCee would catch me one night hiding in my rooming coloring in some ridiculous My Little Pony coloring book or something lol.

I begin to paint...losing myself in the brush strokes.  My music plays in the background and I forget any care I may have.  Along with Pandora, I have all the windows open in my apartment.  The sounds of The Big City also filled my ears.  Nothing could go wrong at that moment.  I forgot about how stressed I've been but then started to wonder what it would be like if I wasn't alone....what it would be like to have a man around again. Is it bad that I was scared about those thoughts??

Hmm, more to think about.  One thing I do know is I'm tired, and tomorrow is Monday. Time to drag my ass back to work for another 5 days.  Is it Friday yet?

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