Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let the sickness ensue....

Since August, I have not had any time off.  Between working and coaching, I hardly ever have any time for myself or my friends.  Last week I was so excited because I had a super long weekend coming up.  I had Friday night through Monday night off.  No work or cheering for me!  I had so much some shopping, crafting, and of course see my friends.  

But of Friday afternoon I could feel it...just a little....but it was my sinuses.  A dreaded cold!

So instead of having fun filled weekend, I stayed in bed.  I guess you could look at it from the positive angle of, "Oh you needed some relaxation anyways," or, "At least you didn't have to miss any work because you were sick."  Nope...I'm looking at it from a negative way.  I wasted 4 glorious days doing nothing when I could have been doing much better things.  

And to make matters worse, I've lost my voice....not completely but, I do sound like an 80 year old man.  I keep thinking that I jinxed myself.  My last post was about how lately I haven't wanted to say much...well now I can't whether I want to or not!  Damn you Karma!!  ::shakes fist at sky::

But of course I'm back to work now....sniffling and answering the phone claiming that I'm a girl to the person on the other end.  

Cheers to green tea and Sudafed!


  1. Been going through the same thing..I'm sorry! Feel better soon!

    found the route

  2. Thanks so much! You feel better as well!!