Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some people I tell ya....

Can someone please explain to me why people lie just because they can?  And if they do lie, why not cover up your tracks accordingly.  

So a little over a month ago I went to a bar with some friends and met a guy. He bought me a beer for my birthday (very nice of him) and we proceeded to have some small talk, nothing more.  Now I never am one to give out my phone number so I took his instead.  I had forgotten all about it until about a week ago when I see a number in my phone with the name Chris.  I only know one other Chris and this was not his number.  Then I remembered about the RBG (Random Bar Guy) from my birthday.  It had to have been him but to make sure, I sent a quick little "Hi, who is this?" text.  To make a long story short it ended up being him.

Surprisingly since then we've been chatting back and fourth about a week now.  He seems very nice but my God, his life has been a Greek he tells me.  So ridiculously bad that it makes me wonder if he's making it up....looking for sympathy.  But who is crazy enough to do that.....right??   

So last night, I threw him a text just saying,"Hi," and he did not respond for about 20 minutes....which didn't bother me.  When he did text back it said, "Sorry. I left my phone at home when I left." I told him it was no biggie and proceeded to have a conversation with him.  When I asked what he was up to he then replied that he was a few towns over with his friend who's car had broken down and they were waiting for the tow truck. Now me being the detail freak that I am, realized that this did not make sense.  How could he have forgotten his phone at home when he had been stuck on the side of the road with his friend for over an hour?  Wouldn't that mean he couldn't have been able to go home and get his phone?

Now I had to call him out on it.... so I sent him,"You said you left your phone at home when you left but your not home how do you have your phone?".  He never responded....even I did the dumb girl double check text of ,"You ok?"

I imediatly laughed my ass off at him and deleted his number....don't think I'll ever hear from him again.  And I hope he loses my number.  Hopefully he actually loses it, not "leaves it at home".

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  1. Ha, what an idiot! Glad you called him out for it. He's not off to a great start, that's for sure....;)