Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Hump day everyone!!

It's the middle of the week!!  Congrats to everyone whose made it this far LOL.  I only have a 4 day work week  this week so after tonight, I only have one more night of work left!

On that note I plan on using my day on Thursday to drive to Providence, RI and sit in line at 8am to wait until noon to see the Stanley Cup.  I'm a HUGE hockey/Boston Bruins fan so I'm dying to finally see the cup.  Since most of my friends work days, I may have to go alone which will suck but I don't care....I have to see it!!  Also, the assistant coach for the Bruins will be there with it so I'm excited to meet him.

If I'm really brave I may just beg them to let me pour a bit of water in the top of it and drink it.  Then I can die a happy soul LOL.

Here is a picture of my newest tattoo on my leg... a few inches above my ankle (I had 6 before this).  Think I'm a die hard fan?????

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