Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yes....I got bored at work the other night and made myself a cute little graphic for my PinTerest Tuesday posts.  I also make one for YouTube'll get to see that one next week.

So this week I have been into making things.  I actually revamped a pair of shoes I had for a wedding with spray paint and sparkle glitter.  I really should have taken a "before" photo because they came out soooo awesome   Here are some other things I found this week that I really would love to make

I love mexican food.  There is just something about rice, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole all put together.  Here is the link to the recipe for this picture

How cool is this???  I'm dying to make one of these for myself!

I see tea cups a saucers all the time at yard sales.  What a cute idea for a garden!

And of course to go along with my glass obsession.  Here are directions to make colored glass.  Its SO easy!

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