Monday, September 26, 2011

What a weekend...

Ya know, weekends are supposed to be relaxing right?  Oh no, not in my life.  During the week, I work all night and then coach every day.  Then the weekend comes and what do I do?  I fill it with bars, parties, and random alcohol binges.  Honestly, I don't do that all the time...except the past couple months.  And of course the bank account shows how much I've been having "too much fun".  Really though, after this weekend I realized that I'm all partied out, for a while at least...and I'm totally happy with that lol.

This weekend my best friend from high school got married.  Wow what a wedding.  I was a bridesmaid which was of course so much fun.  I don't want to sound mean, but I've been to weddings that were much more fun.  For some reason being in the wedding is just exhausting.  And of top of that, us girls got our hair and makeup done with was a TOTAL rip off.  We paid way too much for makeup and up-dos that I honestly could have done myself.  Everyone else seemed to be okay with it...I wasn't.  But what was I supposed to do?  I was not going to bitch or ruin the brides morning.  On top of that, the people who did our hair were family friends of one of the the other bridesmaids.

I have hair that you can honestly do anything with.  It stays in place and have always been told by other hair dressers that I have the best hair for up-dos. This is a picture of my hair literally right after she was done.  I can't believe I paid $55 for this hair do.

Overall though, it was of course a beautiful wedding and I loved every minute of it....after I pulled my hair up into a bun.