Thursday, September 8, 2011

pinTerest Thursday

Good morning!  Here are some images that I found while obsessing on the past couple days....

I grew up loving those little dots on paper strips.  Funny how I seem to be in love with cakes lately (I had a picture of one last week on pinTerest Tuesday).  This would be such a fun wedding shower cake with some kind of a candy theme.  Maybe "Love is Sweet"?

This looks like such a fun project.  It's simple and would not be messy.  Also, it would be great for kids.  I have a large glass vase so maybe I'll do this for fall.  Hmmm what colors?  Pink and gold would be really pretty.

So, like many other girls, I'm a sucker for a great quote.  In high school, one of my bedroom walls was nothing but quotes and song lyrics.  I just believe that some words, put together just right, can create an emotion.  And that is such a beautiful thing.  I'd never heard this quote before and I was surprised that Bob Marley said it....only because I know a decent amount of Bob quotes....just not this one.  I loved it so much because it reminds me that everyone is human.  Something we should never forget....even if it has to do with that guy that could never do anything right lol.

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