Tuesday, September 6, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

Yes, I'm sorry....another day with a theme.  I promise, no more after this though.....for now.   I just HAD to ad this one only because I love YouTube and I find myself finding videos on there that I wish I could share with others.  Only problem is that all my friends are sick of me adding videos on their Facebook pages 24-7.  So this is my last option.  From now on I'll be doing "YouTube Tuesdays" and "pinTerest Thursdays".  I also promise to do my best from adding a Wicked Wednesday lol.

For those of you who spend as much time online as I do, I'm sure you've been on YouTube enough times to know that ANYTHING is on that website.  Trust me, I've started with a subject like cooking and then ending up being enthralled in videos of people breaking diving boards and falling into pools.  How?  I have no idea.  It's come to the point where I've named this habit, YouTube Adventures.  Honestly, that is exactly what they are.  There have been times when I was so fixated by videos that I suddenly look at the clock only to realize that I had been sifting through videos for at least an hour.  In my defense though, I am a sports coach and I spent 60% of the time on YouTube looking at videos of other teams and learning new routines and techniques.  For as much of a distraction that website it, at least it can be used for education purposes.....when it's not being used to watch videos of those people falling into pools.

Okay then....here is the first YouTube Tuesday video.

Freddie Mercury's Bday was Sept. 5th....he was a legend.

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  1. Too funny! I forget to check YouTube but once I hear of something good, I can't get off that site for hours. Great plan for youTube Tuesdays!