Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shopping, Seafood, Sports...and a GIVEAWAY!!!

So it's officially the middle of the work week!  Whew!!  Thankfully, this week I have Thursday night off.  I love 4 day work weeks.

Thursday my father is coming to visit me from upstate NY.  My parents divorced when I was 5, so I grew up in New England while my dad stayed where we used to live in NY.  The older I get, the less I get to see of him which sucks.  I'm just always working and it's hard to do just a weekend trip to see him when the drive is about 6 hours.  The past couple years, he's been coming to visit me here instead.  I like when he comes to visit me rather than me go there because we're able to do more things (he lives in the middle of the boondocks).

What's on the agenda this weekend?  Our favorite 3 S's.....Shopping, Seafood, and Sports.  It's funny, for being man, my dad loves to go shopping...and I like when he buy's me things (I'm totally "Daddies Little Girl" lol) so I can't complain about that lol.  When your in the Ocean State, you MUST have seafood.  We always go get some lobsters and little necks one night then follow it up the next night with Fish and Chips. And of course Saturday night we have tickets to the Boston Bruins game.  SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THAT.  My dad and I loooove hockey!

On a totally different note, my first give away starts tomorrow!!  It's a good one so make sure to check back!!!

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