Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in action!!!

As of 3:23pm Tuesday our power came back on!!!  We've been without it since Sunday morning at 6am. Here are some pictures that sum up my past few days....

Sunday on my way to work (which had no power also), I had to go under and around three other trees like this.  All the roads in the area were a MESS!!!  I was definitely going off road with my little Cobalt!!

When my parents moved into our little brick house about 10 years ago, they planted a tree in the front yard.  I remember them joking about how it would never be a full tree before they were dead.   Well little did we know that somehow that little tree was some weird mutant growing tree.  Ten years it was taller than the house.  We noticed the wind from the hurricane was starting to push over the tree.  We kept waiting for it to fall over into the driveway, but somehow it never did.  That little tree has heart!  As you can see below, the tree is now leaning at about a 40 degree angle with no intentions of falling over now.  My parents have to cut it down now....which makes me sad.  I love our new crooked tree....its comical!

This morning after coming home from work, all I wanted was a warm breakfast....since I hadn't had one in almost 3 days.  With no power, we had no hot water, or stove.  My mother had thrown away almost all the food in the refrigerator because it had all gone bad.  I found myself digging through the kitchen of my apartment looking for something that I could somehow cook.  A cup of noodles was the easiest thing I could possibly make but I needed hot water.  Thankfully the fire pit out back had lots of new kindling (thanks Irene).  I do have to say that about 20 minutes later, I had boiling water and cooked noodles!  Worth every moment of trying to get that fire going!!!!  It was actually kind of fun...the weather was nice and who doesn't like a bonfire???

So long Irene!!!!!


  1. That is funny that you had to cook ramen noodles over a fire pit! Glad you made it through the storm!

  2. thanks....although it looks like there is another one brewing out there that may hit the East coast.