Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going off the grid

I live a very hectic life...always on the run, working nights, and coaching until I can't talk anymore.  Being on vacation from work is the best but when that happens I tend to forget..... purposely forget......that I have a real life.  I like to use my vacation to escape from my everyday restriction of a life.  No far away island needed.  I like to just turn the phone off, watch TV all day in bed, take long drives with the windows rolled down with no worries about where I need to be in an hour.  

This past week I spent 4 days at my father's house in the boondocks of upstate New York.  Going there always makes me think of a quote from the movie Sweet Home Alabama.  "People need a passport to come down here."  In made case it's "up here" since New York state is north of where I live in New England.  It is small town full of cows, Amish, and people who have never owned anything other than a Ford truck.  I usually go to my Dads when I need time away.  It lets me clear my mind being so far away from my repetitive fast pace life.

Now karma has come to get me.  Last week I spent it off the grid....by choice.  Now I am off the grid thanks to a little storm named Irene.  Because of her, I have had no power or cell phone reception for two days.....so much fun.  Thankfully, I have lights, electricity, phone service and hot water at my work.  

Here's to going off the grid.....not by choice.  UGH

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