Thursday, August 18, 2011

7am please

So here's the deal....I work nights.  Ya know, the dreaded 3rd shift.....the swear word of the work place at any job.  I do the shift that no one wants, but me that is.  Going on 3 years of working nights, I really don't have much to complain about.  Yes, I sleep my days away and I have my lunch break while you're just entering your REM sleep for the night.  But, it allows me to do what I'm truly passionate about; coaching.  I coach a high school varsity sport during the time that I'm actually awake.  This upcoming season will be my 5th year coaching this team.  It truly is a passion....because trust me, the money is literally pennies per hour I put in.  Is working over nights my first choice? No.  But because coaching is, I sacrifice.

Its 3:40am here on the East coast and I cannot wait until I am home in my bed.  My apartment is 20min away and the entire drive home in the morning is going to be torture.  Ever feel like you can never drive fast enough to get to somewhere you desperately want to be?  If only we were able to they do in weird science fiction movies. Maybe I should try clicking my heels......

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