Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm back and I mean it this time!

Once again I have been just too busy to even think about writing my blog.  There has been just so many things going on in my life.

So hmm.... lets see....

Because my Cobalt was totaled, I had to buy a new car.  And thanks to the girl who caused the accident, her insurance game me a nice settlement which allowed me to get an ever nicer car than I had before.

I'm officially in love....  This is Smurfette, the new love of my life lol.

Also, on Sunday my team won the state title in their division....for the 3rd straight year!  We actually placed first in all three competitions we went to this year.  

This is the plaque on our trophy.  

So now that cheering is over for the season and I have a drive able automobile, things should start to get back on track.  I'm excited to have more free time to blog and such.  

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  1. It seems like the accident turned out as a good thing. You’re lucky because you got the settlement that you need, which gave you a chance to buy an even better car. Smart choice for a car, by the way! I hope you won’t get into an accident again. Always be careful, and buckle up! #Lawrence Harkness