Monday, February 6, 2012

RIP Lily

I had a wonderful post on Friday but before I could even hit the publish button, my luck once again decided to kick me in the ass, laugh, and run away.  As you can see below, my car is in rough shape...such rough shape that she's been deemed the scary "T" word....TOTALED.  My 07 Chevy Cobalt who's name was Lily for obvious reasons, is now in auto heaven.

While I was driving home from work Friday morning, a girl decided to take a left hand turn out of a side street to my right.  She obviously didn't look to her left before pulling out and hit me on my front passenger side of my car.  She hit me so hard in fact, that she pushed me right into the other lane..... which then resulted in me hitting the oncoming SUV head on.

I had my seat belt on so I had no injuries.  I just have a bruised knee and a sore back, but nothing awful.

So now I don't have a car which sucks.  The accident wasn't my fault so I plan on getting every penny I can from the other person's insurance in order to buy a new car.  Until then, my mother and I are sharing a car or hopefully their insurance will pay for a rental.  We just have to wait for the police report.

The kicker of all this is that the girl who hit me was a 17 year old high school student from the town next to mine and she's on their cheerleading team lol.  We are competing against them this year in our division.  She went and hit the cheerleading coach of the state championship team.....she's shitting her pants lol.  Does anyone else find that kind of funny/ironic?

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