Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sometimes people just need a high the face...with a chair.

Total annoyance level of on a scale of 1-10 would be a 15.

I've come to a conclusion, when things get tough emotionally for me, I get the feeling of running away...somewhere...anywhere.  I jump into a character that seems to not be myself, one that would do anything for a new life and a fresh start.  One that has the mind frame of, "anything is possible".  As soon as something deters me from being happy, I begin to plan out a different life.  I even go about as to start checking if I can fulfill the idea of a new life; checking my bank account, jobs, transportation, apartments.  I do this until my brain is exhausted or I snap back to reality and remember that it is impossible due to the fact that I'm broke.  Then the feelings of being trapped begin.  I have too much debt (student loans) to ever go anywhere.  There is no way I could ever live anywhere other than with my parents because I'm paying so much in loan payments.

Sounds sad but my best bet is to win the lottery....

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