Wednesday, January 4, 2012

36,000 feet???

One of my best friends from college now lives in Phoenix...he's been there a little over a year.  Not sure if you read a post I wrote in November sometime but, it was all about my fear of flying.  Hell, I still am scared.  But, guess where I am right now!  I'm 36,000 feet above Haileyville, Alabama right now in a Delta plane headed to Phoenix.  And no, that's not the best part...the best part is that my friend DOESN'T KNOW....SURPRISE!!!  His sister is picking me up from the airport and he has nooooo clue.  I could jump out of my skin I'm so excited. He knows I refuse to fly so he is going to fall over...and I plan on getting it on video.  

The things we do for our friends.